Thursday, December 9, 2010

I will fear not

There are times

when the winds of the storm

blow harder

blow colder

I stand here at a loss

as I watch the clouds gather

the sky grows dark

as the winds blow ever stronger

the rains of confusion

fall hard upon my brow

as I watch

wondering at the sight

I fear not, for You are here

even as I stand confused

even as I fall, bending to the pressure

of what I myself cannot control

but I know, how I know

without doubt, without failing

You have control, You know

what I fear, what I see

approaching on the horizon

I fear not

what this life may send

what traps and wells we have fallen into

for You are here

You are my strength in the storm

You are my shelter from the rain

I know, how I know

You will never abandon me

to the storms

I will run to You

hide myself away in You

listening to Your voice within

hearing You speak calming my fears

drying my tears

as the winds blow, and the rains fall

You are my calm

I fear not

as I kneel before You

hide myself away in the shadow of Your cross

You are my calm

I will run to You

When I hunger for Your hope

thirst for Your peace

I feel You moving within

reaching out to me

in times of storm, in times of calm

You are here

ready to provide for my need

You are here, close to me

within my heart Your Spirit dwells

You calm my storms

as I run to You

trusting in You in all things

believing in You my Lord

that You are all that I need

You are here, with me

I will fear not

the storms of this life

for they are but a moment

here and gone

I will fear not

worry not, over the rains

worry not, as I feel the winds

and the dark grows

for You are

always will be

my Light, my shelter, my Hope

my Lord

I will fear not

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Blessed in His Promises


  1. Such a gorgeous piece !!!! Very touching!!!!

  2. Thank you-my vocal heart finds voice thru willing fingers- I am glad you liked this.