Saturday, December 25, 2010

on this day, the greatest of gifts was given

It is quiet so far. The only sound is the humming of the space heater and a radio playing softly in the other room. Few lights are on, allowing the lights on the tree to shine, dancing in the semi-darkness. I am so far the only one moving about in the house. Just as it was last night as I wrapped the gifts. I love times like this, it allows for introspection. Quiet time to reflect, to relax, to hear form my Lord.

This is a celebration of His day.

I am unashamed in my Christianity. Yet I will not force it on anyone. Yes, most of my poetry is inspirational..words of praise from my heart, praising, acknowledging or beseeching my Savior and Lord. Free here to be read or not.

I do buy gifts to pass on to family. Small things, trinkets of acknowledgement of my love for them. Small things, material things that will not last. Unlike that dark night, far away, in a stable where the greatest gift ever was placed. A gift that will last through eternity and beyond. Never changing, never withdrawing from those that are His.

I spend hours watching as gifts are opened, shown off and enjoyed. Remembering the shepherds and magi that came to see the new born king. Watching as young and old tell of what they were given, thinking of the shepherds that ran to tell what they had seen. The greatest gift.

I will soon begin cooking my portion of the Christmas dinner. A family sitting around a few tables, sharing a wonderful meal, food for the body to continue on. On that night, so far away, a child was born.. the greatest gift given to feed the souls of dying mankind. Lost, sinful, in need of what only this gift, this new born king could give. Born to teach, to instruct, to heal, to save.

Its quiet right now, just before everything begins. Just as I imagine it was quiet that night as Mary suffered through the pains of childbirth. Joseph at her side while the animals watched nearby. At the child's first cry, the angels burst forth, filling the heavens singing of the miracle, singing of this child's arrival. King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Christ Jesus, born on this night, born to be the greatest gift ever given.

I wish to you my friends one and all- a very Merry Christmas. I wish you blessings and miracles. I wish for you, all the best, and the strength and perseverance to deal with any storms that may come. May your homes and life be filled with the warmth of love and music of laughter. May your heart be filled with the joy that this day brings. May your gifts, be the gifts that will last through eternity and beyond.

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