Thursday, December 2, 2010

I know Your love

Your love amazing and awesome

fills me

comforts me

when times are hard

as the storm clouds gather

filling the sky, covering the sun

Your love

is the light I need

the light I seek

to show me the way

remind me that You are here

with me always and forever

never leaving, never abandoning me

to what may come

You are here,

my strength

my rock

on You, Your love, I built my life

You are my strong foundation

no matter how strong the winds of the storm

I am safe in You

You are my fortress against the storms

in You, with You, I am safe

secure in Your love

drawn to You, I am secure

You keep me safe, You keep me calm

in the face of what may come

in the presence of what is here

You are here, with me

my guide, my hope

I believe and I trust Lord, in You

I have seen Your hand

felt Your touch on my heart and life

I know what You have done for me

Your miracles ever present

Your love, ever strong

I place my life in Your care

I place it in Your hands

knowing, knowing

even until the end of the age

You are with me

as time and eternity stretches out before us

I know I will ever be with You

no more storms

no more harm, stress or fear to wonder about

worry over

for You have brought us to You

the darkness is no more

it has fled Your presence

I am with You

believing, trusting in Your love

You are Lord, You are Savior

You are King

I know Your love

and I am content.

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Blessed in His Promises

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