Wednesday, December 1, 2010

cat stories

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We share this house with three cats of varying ages. Sawyer is 13 while Cricket is almost a year old. The one thing that I do not, will not tolerate- is for either cat to get onto my kitchen table or counter tops. They know this and for the most part obey.

The other night I was working on a Christmas project and had materials spread out across my bar. My son James had came in from school and was watching me. Some of the materials were making a lot of noise and that attracted Cricket. She jumps up onto the barstool and sat watching me. I watched as her as she watched me.

As I worked she began to lean forward. The more noise I made, the farther she leaned in. Still sitting on the barstool she half stands and leans waaaay forward. I swear this cat is either part slinky or part bungie cord. She puts one foot on the counter top and leans in to sniff at the paper in front of her. Just as she leans in I drop down and get right in her face and demand to know,,,..”What are you doing??”

Cricket jumps backward, falls off of the bar stool and lands hard on the floor. I’m not sure if she landed on her feet or not, she really didn’t have a lot of turning room.

I was laughing so hard I was almost crying. I did ask if she was okay, James was not amused at all. He told me as much, but I just laughed harder. The cat gave me a really dirty look- I’m sure I’ll pay yet. One thing about these cats, they get revenge. I know.

Second cat story-

James told me that (on the same day as the above) Cricket caught a bird. I stopped what I was doing to turn and look at him. “And just how did she accomplish that?” All of my cats are strictly indoor cats. They will look out the window or doors, but they are content to stay inside, safe, dry and well fed.

So how did she catch a bird?

I’m guessing that it came in through the door. sorta. The lower piece on the storm door that moves to make the door fit- the screw it gone. So this piece moves all over-I’m put it back repeatedly. Anyway, the possibilty is that the piece was up leaving a decent size opening. The small bird was curious or scared by the dogs and went under the door and into the house.

James told me about it, how cricket had caught it and brought it to me. It took several attempts before he rescued it, after hunting all over the house and putting things back in place that got knocked over- James finally was able to catch the bird, and take it back to the wilderness.. James said before he caught it, he could hear it calling as the cat got closer–and closer–

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  1. Cricket sounds like a handful. I don't know what I would do without my furry companions.