Thursday, December 23, 2010

always with me

I know You

for You walk with me

always close

never leaving

never away

You are here

I know You

for You called to me

that morning so bright

speaking to me,

whispering in my heart

I am here

offering to You this gift

a gift, my present, of my presence

in your life

I heard You

pondering these things I listened

and I turned to You

leaving the darkness

into Your light

even as the storms still come

they are but a driving force

sending me closer to You

seeking Your guidance

seeking Your comfort

knowing You are here

with me, always

never leaving me

never abandoning me

to what comes

You call to me

when the winds begin to blow

when the storms form on the horizon

You call to me

drawing me closer to You

sheltering me

You see me, when I grow weary

when the battles and struggles become hard

You call to me

lifting from my shoulders the burden

giving me, drawing me into, Your rest

giving to me, renewed strength

to continue

walking in Your light

with You

for You are here

with me, always

never leaving

never abandoning

You speak to me,

encouraging me. teaching me

being always

with me

in You, with You

I am unafraid

even at my weakest, I am strong

You take the fears

and give me courage

with me, You are with me


in You, with You

I have joy

in my moments of sadness and pain

You see my tears

taking them from me

You fill my heart with Your light

fill my heart with Your song

in You, I have a joy

that no man can steal

in You, with You


I hear You Lord

I will walk with You

as You with me

always with me

never leaving

never leaving

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