Wednesday, December 22, 2010

and Your peace will reign forever-

In this dawning time, I stand watch

waiting, ever waiting

ready, for what is to come

patient, yet impatient

come Lord Jesus

Your fields are ripe, even as we plant seed

hoping, for those that hear

wishing, for those that see

an understanding

You are love magnified

peace and assurance is a part of Your gift to us

forgiveness is Your blessing

You have paid the price so long ago

and you offer this freely still

to those that will accept

even in this time, as the darkness spreads

so many, fooled, so many tempted

as so many fear speaking out for You

Your words have been twisted

Your message changed by many

to suit their own agenda, not Yours

too many, are the thorns that choke out Your message

Come Lord Jesus

even as we seek to plant new seed in Your name

to offer Your love and Your hope

to those that will hear and understand

to those that will come to You

accepting the gift that You offer

we stand, I stand, watching

ever ready, ever waiting

knowing, as this time winds down

as the days run out

ever waiting we watch

knowing, in our heart, knowing in Spirit

Your morning comes

we will be ever forever with You

and Your peace will reign forever

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