Friday, December 31, 2010


Time, passing by, passing away

leaving us to stand holding


of what was, what happened

on the days, the moments

of recent past days

we hear the songs of thoughts

singing in our hearts

we see the dance of laughter

as it circles around


that will be held close

treasured more than gold

valued more than jewels

diamonds could not sparkle as this


of times together

spoken across distances

standing close, within the arms of loved ones

recognizing time passing by

as we make as we hold


looking forward to what comes

new days, new moments

that approach with new days


to future memories

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  1. Memories are such a special thing !!! Often they can be forgetten and then triggered and held onto ....

    Wonderful write

  2. my most precious memories are any that hold my family, whether it was from when I was growing up around my grandparents or from when my son was young-maybe its that time of innocence--something lost so easily