Saturday, January 1, 2011


Standing in the doorway, looking outward

forward looking to what approaches

dawning light shines through the dim shadows of past's darkness

Facing the path to the future

that begins just outside the doorway

hope blooms along the way

inspiration like bees hum as it jumps from hope

to faith and trust

lights powered by the Son

a gentle rain of compassion, falling

warm and soft upon uplifted face

expressing the joys of knowledge

that what comes is new

what is left behind can not be changed

should not be forgotten

but delegated to the place it belongs

a past memory learned from

wounds that will heal, even if a scar is left

it is a lesson that taught

making one understand, that what comes

is new, is different, another chance

another moment, another breath

the dawning of a new

the dawning of another

as what was is left behind closed doors

what comes is welcomed with open arms

and grateful hearts

as we take that step out to meet it

in dawn's early light of new

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