Friday, January 21, 2011

in Your love

When we wonder, are we heard

as we sing our songs of praise

to You Lord and King

are we heard, and understood

that we sing of Your love

that You came, out of love

and You died such a painful death

out of love

When You walked from that borrowed tomb

proving death could not hold You

the price had been paid

those that come to You, forever free

As we sing our songs

shout our praise, lift our hands to You

times are, we wonder

are we heard above the noise

of those that are false

for they put on a show, drawing ire

while we sing of Your love

that has blest us in uncounted ways

You are love

we sing to You

we shout to You

kneel before You

King of Kings

Lord and Savior

we share, the love You have shared

we talk and we tell

of Your love

but times are

we wonder, are we heard

then a voice, a small voice

from out of the field

says thank you

and we know,

a small seed, has begun to grow

in Your love

We live a life

dedicated to You, Lord and King

Savior and Shepherd

You are the King

who came to serve

You teach us, remind us

to be like You

servents to those among us

who do no know You

You send us out

among the many

to share, to talk, to act

in Your love

yet there are times

we wonder

are we seen as Yours

are our words, Your words

are they heard

telling of You, sharing You

Your love

Your never ending

all emcompassing love

then a voice, a small voice


saying thank you, for something

from long ago, or moments ago

that made the difference

that they found

Your love

there are times that we wonder

even as we know

we are to offer the seed of understanding

offer the seed of Your love

in Your love

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