Wednesday, January 26, 2011

as I walk this road


That I walk this road in strength of You

Your peace and love flowing through me

to those around me

that I am able, in act and word

to share all that You are to me, with all that will hear

how You are with me, always.

It is easy, to allow things of this life

to over come our strength

it is easy, to allow worries and fears to grow

so I ask, always for Your peace

in my life, so I may live it out for those around me

that watch and see, how I deal with life's blows

that I walk this road, in Your light and path

Your hand on my life, guiding me

keeping me on Your course, lighting the way

my Shepherd, my Guide, my Strength

You are my Sanctuary always

I run to You, when this path grows tiresome

I run to You, when I grow weak

Keep Your hand ever on me Lord

that I will walk this road in You

so that others along the way, may see You

guiding me

Storms may come at any time

others may seek to weaken my faith

but I know, You are my strength in all things

so their words and acts have no effect on my heart

on my faith and belief in You

allow me Lord, to walk ever closer to You

gaining strength in You

so that as I walk this road, others along the way

will see You, Your glory and Your love

reaching out to You, so they too

may know You, have You as Lord and Savior

strength and peace.

That will walk this road,

always with them

so they too, may share with those they meet

along the way

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