Thursday, January 27, 2011

it is all about You Lord


Help me Lord, to remember what's important

not to never to allow, my own thoughts and worries

to consume me, to overcome and over shadow

what is really important, Your children

those around me that are suffering and weary

let me see them Lord, recognize their need

give me wisdom in You Lord, to share

give me strength to reach out and lift up

helping those that are among us, that are in need

You were here among us

You walked the dusty roads, reaching out

to all that You passed,

teaching, explaining, healing

You saw not only to the emotional needs

but to the physical as well

Your love, so great

Your love, enough

Help me Lord, to remember

that as I make this journey to You

walking along with You with me

that I take the time, that I open my eyes

to see those that You have placed in my path

that I may reach out to them, lift them

from where they have stumbled

share with them, the news of You

reaching out in a way that You would

acknowledging, You. How You care for all

and all that is needed by those suffering

Speak to me, let me hear and recognize Your voice

understanding what You would have me do

go where You would have me go

living a life, that glorifies You in all ways

Help me Lord

to remember

it isn't about me

my wants, my needs, my concerns

it is about You Lord

all about You

and Your gracious




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