Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Secure in You

So many things await

seeking to ensnare us, trip us

as we travel this path

temptations call from the shadows

their siren's song compelling

this path, is not an easy path

storm clouds gather, building around us

the darkness they bring can be frightening

I see these things

feel the cold winds as they blow

bringing the fear, bringing the sorrows

of the things that could have been

may have been, wished of but are not to be

I feel the rain that falls

pain inflicted by others or by wrong choices

so many things await us

as we walk this path

I have faced many on my journey

but I have learned Lord

You are here, always here

walking with me, Your Spirit within me

giving me strength to continue

You shelter me from the storms

I trust in You, run to You

when the winds blow cold

I give to You, the fears and struggles

seeking Your peace, seeking Your strength

You see, when the storms have made me weary

You draw me to You, comfort me in my pains

assure me in my sorrows

You draw me to You, draw me to rest in You

giving me chance to rebuild my strength

to continue this journey

facing the temptations with strong heart

for You are here, You are my strength

nothing can beat me down

as long as I run to You

walk with You, trusting fully

abiding completely

in You

Lord and Savior, Shepherd and King

all things that await, I hand to You

placing them at the foot of Your cross

taking away strength renewed

taking away, hope and faith fed

with Your loving peace

You are King of Kings

commanding all things

healing all hurts

calming all storms

drawing to You, all those

that will hear, and believe

You draw me Lord to You

and I come

the winds are silenced

the rains cease

I find rest, I find peace

secure in Your presence

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