Sunday, January 30, 2011

All in with You, Lord, all in with You

All in Lord, how I seek to be all in

as I walk with You

I know that there will be those

who do not understand

seeking, ever seeking to criticize

their eyes closed, their ears sealed

they do not understand

this walk with You

the relationship that You offer us

that You seek with us

contentious to some, for they do not understand

cannot comprehend

the love You offer, the peace You give

all in Lord, I seek to be all in

as I walk with You

along this way, this path narrow

strewn with the rocks of malice from those

along the way, determined to bring strife

Their taunts ugly, their words hurtful


for they do not see You, they cannot with cold heart

understand Your gift of love

they stand along the way, hiding in the darkness

afraid for their sins to be seen in Your light

lurking in the shadows, they wait

seeking only to bring pain

share the darkness in which they hide

it is all they know, they know not Your peace

so they seek to prevent, seek to damage

the life I seek

one of being all in my Lord

all in with You

that I may with You, walk this path assured

strong and blest in You

that I may walk, with open eyes and ready words to share

of Your love, Your most merciful grace

that I may share Your gospel

to all that will hear

planting a seed Lord, for You

hoping to give others Lord, hope

reason to seek You, seek Your love

all in Lord, all in with You

is what I seek

as I walk this path, listening to You

speak to me,

as I follow You Lord, along this way

allowing You to guide me, gird me in Your love

wrap me in Your peace

fill me, with understanding of You Lord, of You

as I seek, always seek

to be all in Lord

all in, with You

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