Thursday, January 20, 2011

my heart knows

When my mind is empty of thought

seeking the words to say

and nothing comes, the words are not there

but the heart knows, and whispers

thank You Lord

for all things, for You have given all things

good and bad have purpose

You are in control of all things, nothing is without Your knowledge

these things I know

I hold no fear, for I know, my life is Yours

my name penned in the Book of Life

I think of others, who do not know You

have no real understanding, of what You have done

for these Your children

who can face the storms that come

knowing their faith is built on the Rock of Ages

when my mind is empty, no words will come

my heart knows what to say

singing out in song of praise for You

to You, for You are our All in All

Your love flows and overflows

filling the hearts, lifting the Spirit of the Believer

You are with us, walking with us

reminding us of Your presence, Your love

never ending,

You stand at the ready to forgive

when one turns to You, seeks You, Your hope

Your forgiveness and love

drawing all close to You, sheltering us in Your arms

guiding us always with Your word

when my mind is empty of words

my heart, yes my heart, knows what to say

thank You Lord, thank You

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Blessed in His Promises


  1. Amen, thank God that he hears our deepest groanings and prays when we have no words to say:)

  2. Amen is right! How thankful is the heart in the knowing that He hears!