Monday, January 17, 2011

ready, I am ready

Morning's light approaches

a new day appearing

I stand at the ready

breathless at the chance

to walk with You

seeing all things

You put before me

ready, eager to do

what ever it is that You ask

working my Lord, for You

out of joy, out of gladness

speaking out of You

the love, the peace

that comes only through You

even in the storms

especially in the storms

You are here

speaking to my heart

to the heart of Your children

reminding, strengthening

for the walk is not easy

the cross may grow heavy

the earthly body weary

You are here, always close

offering a place of rest and healing

offering peace and strength

I stand Lord, at the ready

ready, I am ready Lord

eager to step out, to go forward

one more, stepping out for You

speaking, sharing, showing

that You are love

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