Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I cling to You

So easy Lord, it is so easy

to give in, fall away

lose faith and strength

in the face of the enemy

for our enemy surrounds us

a storm, circling, building

growing in force

knowing our every weakness it grows

too easy it is, to fall away

hiding from the storm in fear

crying out in the thunder

that rumbles across the way

so easy Lord, it is so easy

to fall away

see me here, trembling

seeking You, for You Lord, are my strength

I cling to You

with every moment of time that passes

seeking You, seeking to hide away in You

my fingers cling tightly, entertwined

in Your robe of words

given to us to drape about our person

a shield against the storm

my heart, soaked in Your word

food for the hungry Spirit

drink for the thirsty Soul

I cling to You, feeding on Your word of hope

You know, Lord, how easy it is

for man to fall away

when the storms come

when the winds blow strong

and the rains of despair fall

darkness covers our sight

until Lord, until we seek You

cling to You

seek out the light of Your word

seek out Lord, Your light

to guide and direct us

light our path, closer to You

when the storms come

temptations to fall away grow

I will cling to You

my fingers entertwined in the robe of Your word

shelter, sanctuary; strength and hope

wrapped securely in Your love

I cling to You

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