Friday, January 14, 2011

I run to You

When the pain grows

and I feel, I can bear no more

You are my Healer

I run to You

seek Your touch

in my life, on my heart

I seek You

When the darkness grows deeper

and I cannot see

the road before me

I run to You

You are my Light

I seek Your guidance

When the storms grow fierce

I run to You

seeking You

as You are my Sanctuary

You keep me safe within Your arms

wrapped securely, in Your love

When the days are bright

laughter and love abounds

I run to You

I seek You, to share with You

this miracle that You give

You are Creator of all

You are love

I run to You

You are joy, You are laughter

You are songs of peace and forgiveness

You are love

I run to You

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