Monday, January 24, 2011

Poetry reading and...who??

When I set out not so long ago to make contact with some of the independent book stores I had no idea what sort of adventures I was about to fall into. There are moments that I feel somewhat like Alice falling down the rabbit hole, never knowing what is around that next turn.

Some of the experiences have been less than good to put it nicely. But I use them for lessons learned. Mark that in the 'don't do that again' column and go on. Then the day came that I noted a column in the paper about a new book shop opening up. Might as well give it a shot. I fire off an email and continue on about my business. When I receive a reply a conversation begins. Before its over I have set up a meeting, before I left their building I was handing over copies of my books. And so, it began.

The day that I checked my email and found the message about a possible reading I was excited. In all of the conversations I grew more excited. They even agreed to hold it on a day that was easier for me, whether it was a good business day or not. The day chosen was nearly a month from the date of inception. That was good in that I had plenty of time to prepare, bad because it gave me plenty of time for fear to build up. And it did.

A week before the scheduled day I drug my poor mother out shopping with me and we went from store to store searching for 'the' outfit for me to wear. At one point I was walking in circles in one of the stores, looking at the same items time and again as if maybe at one point when I wasn't looking it might have made some drastic changes to make it acceptable. Sad thing is, as I search, I'm not even exactly sure what I'm searching for other than the outfit that screams out "ME!! Pick ME!!" I finally settled on a red blouse and figured I'd use one of the many pairs of black slacks I have at the house. Mom was glad, she had long given up on following me in my circles and had taken to leaning on the shopping cart simply watching me walk in circles.

I would pick up the book and look at it, then put it back down. The cover never changed, and I couldn't make up my mind on which poems. I did get a brief introduction written. I believe I said enough to explain and not bore, or have anyone searching for a handy net. Finally, I made myself sit down and start going through the inside of the book and choose some poems. Its difficult choosing only a few poems to read when you have a fondness for them all.

On the day of the event I was a basket case. I was trying to get ready, answer phones, read my intro and make sure I was happy with my choices. I did get dressed and my face all made up. James loaded the books into the car and I was getting ready to leave when I noticed that my phone's charge was low. I borrowed James's cell phone. Now- just the night before I had lectured James on letting his phone go dead- what was about to happen served me right.

I got to the book store and was standing chatting with the owners and their friends. It was- as most places where books are housed tend to be-quiet. Conversation flowed, but respectfully. Then..suddenly.. from my pocket screams Ozzie Osbourne. I had forgotten to change his phone to vibrate. The front screen on his phone doesn't work so I had no idea who was calling. Once Ozzie finally quit screaming about some crazy train I checked and saw that it was my husband who had called, suddenly Ozzie was at it again as he tried once more. He was momentarily stumped when I answered. I started to make the best of it but this time I didn't. I explained why I had James's phone, as our conversation finished I immediately changed the phone to vibrate. I do have to admit that any remaining ice was broken right there- thanks Ozzie-

The event went well, some dear friends showed up, I made new friends, I read, I answered questions, I laughed and I loved the attention. I'm really ready for the event where I'll read from the Legend of Dragon's Doom- now- that ought to be fun!!

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