Sunday, January 16, 2011

In You--I am

With humble heart, I come

kneeling before You, Creator of All

The One who with a word

made all things, from nothing

Who from the dust of the earth

created man

and from the rib of man

gave life to woman

The One, who filled the skies with all manner of fowl

Who filled the seas and the land with beast and fish

kneeling here, I realize

how small I am

but how precious to You

born with a nature of sin

growing to a life of stumbling

falling into the darkness of temptations

yet You loved me anyway

loved me enough

to send Your only begotten Son

to pay the price only He could pay

sin's debt

kneeling here, I realize my God my King

the debtor that I am

You have taken what I deserved

made me clean in Your eyes

debtor and servant I come

use me in the work of Your Kingdom

send me, to share with those who know You not

for I am eager Lord, God and King

to share, what I know to be true

to share, and to see understanding dawn

in the eyes of those who hear and understand

I am eager, to be used by You

to go into the fields that are golden

to go into the fields plowed, and plant a seed

God and King, for You

for I am not ashamed

my heart is filled with Your truth

my heart overflows with Your love

Your light and Your peace guide me

provide my path safe and true

past the temptations that wait along the way

I am not ashamed

to share that the love that You have given to me

I am not ashamed

to share the forgiveness found at the foot of the cross

washed clean, by the blood of the Precious Lamb

I kneel here, before You knowing

child of Yours, loved and forgiven

I am

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