Thursday, January 6, 2011

groanings of a grateful heart

Your Spirit within whispers sweet prayers

when my heart is at a loss

not knowing, what to say

wordless moments of gratitude

wordless whispers, murmurings of love

You are Lord resounds in my mind

slipping easily from my lips

You are King of Kings, Bread of Life

I know, these to be true

prayers are easy, softly spoken through out the day

for I know, You are with me

speaking with You is easy as we walk

but there are moments, quiet moments

when the heart is at a loss

how to say, thank You Lord, thank You

when the heart is at a loss

on how to say, I love You Lord

Savior of man, Lamb of God

for what You did for me

kneeling before You, the words are not there

tears fill my eyes in sadness

but Your Spirit within, offers murmurings

sweet to You ear

It knows, what to say, silently honest

silently reverent, offering the groanings of a grateful heart

kneeling before You, with hands outstretched

hear me Lord, hear this heart as it cries

for Your love, Your presence overpowers all

filling me with such feelings unexplainable

I tremble in Your presence

am at peace, in Your presence

Your mercy is great, Your love is even more so

I tremble Lord, in Your presence

knowing, Your grace, feeling Your forgiveness

as it washes me clean

the heart has no words to offer

no words are adequate

Your Spirit within knows the words

silently offered up to You

silent groanings of a grateful heart

sweet music Lord to Your ear

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