Sunday, January 23, 2011

I know, now I know Lord

Mistakes I have made

following temptations that come

falling away

standing here in the storms

I have in my error created

I know, how I know

I was wrong

to listen to a voice that called

come and see

view what is here, available

ready, for the taking

come and see

I was wrong, so very wrong

when I listened to the voice

calling to me, whispering

listen, hear what is available

take it into yourself

enjoy the sounds, the words


I was wrong, so very wrong

when I heard that same voice

calling, teasing, taunting me

come and see, taste what is here

feel it as it flows across willing lips

come and take advantage of this

enjoy this

I stumbled and I fell

when I listened to the voice

calling from the sides of the path

calling from the edge of the darkness

I was wrong

how wrong

so wrong

and I know this

Now Lord, my God my Savior

I know

this is not something I can fix alone

I cannot correct my errors

fight the temptations


I know my Lord

I need You

for You have promised a way out

You have promised to me

strength from You

lift me Lord from this

for You are the only way

back to the light

back to the right path

away so far away

from the wrongs

temptation follows, calls

I know

from here on my knees before You

the weight of my wrongs on my shoulders

I know my wrongs

but I know Lord my God

You are my strength

to walk away

Your song in my heart

Your words sounding and resounding

again in my heart

covers that voice

the taste of Your love

the feel of Your peace

Your song

always Your song Lord

of sweet merciful grace

that forgives

that gives strength

that gives peace

only You Lord

only with You

can I walk away from the temptations

that call

in that small voice

teasing and tricking

from the side of the way

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