Saturday, January 22, 2011

until the ends of the ages

The moments that fear comes crawling

sneaking into my being

my spirit and strength threatens to wilt

before the darkness and cold

You are my strength, I turn to You

readily and quickly turning away

from the fog of fear, rolling in

attempting to hide the light

that is You

seeking, to drag me down

away from You, my Lord

my source of strength in all things

The moment, that fear begins

I hear Your voice, speaking in my heart

reminding me of Your presence

You are with me, my Guide and my Strength

there is no need to fill the fear

for You have banished all reason to be afraid

You stand with me, You are my Rock in times of trouble

You are All things

no matter how high the waves may reach

coming crashing down onto the shore of my life

You are here

as the winds gather strength, tearing at all it passes

You are here

with a word, You calm the storms

send the clouds of darkness away

Your Light a bright shining beacon

leading the way

You have said, to be Your child,

a Believer a Follower of You

will not be an easy path

there will be struggles, there will be storms

as we make our way

but You have said, we are not alone

You are with us, always with us

even until the ends of the age

when fear comes crawling, attempting

to weaken me, drive me into hiding

I turn to You

for You have not given us a spirit of fear

but one of strength, faith and hope

in You


the ends of the ages

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