Monday, January 31, 2011

prayers of many

So many

are in pain

so many


without realization

there are so many Lord

that are suffering

in need

in need Lord, of You

they seek You

through prayer

from bended knee they come

crying out to You Lord




their sadness binds them

their worries encircle them

enemy to their happiness

enemy, to their joy

so many

are in pain

so many

crying out Lord, to You

seeking You, in their time of need

reaching out in the darkness of their storm

their tears falling, falling, falling

like rain from the darkest of clouds

prostrate before You they cry out

their suffering, unbearable

yet they know, and they know, You hear

so many

are in pain

so many

their voices in prayer join in harmony

as they call out to You

from bended knees and bowed head

their whispers fervent

their faith strong

knowing, believing

You hear every word

You understand, when the words run out

and only the sobs and moans remain

from the many

that are in pain

so many Lord

so many

are in pain

seeking You, joined with others

prayers are spoken, prayers are sung

prayers are softly whispered, in moments of quiet

prayers, for themselves

prayers for others, known and unknown

prayers for reasons understood

and for reasons known only to You

and the one who suffers the need


from bended knees, from the wooded path

along the banks of a stream

in quiet moments

a bowed head, a whispered prayer

prayers and said

we pray

they pray, to You Lord, they pray


that You hear


that You


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