Friday, January 28, 2011

the silence screams loudly

Silence, so loud I am drowning in it

it circles me, like a hungry animal

clawing at my soul

I walk these rooms, my fingers trailing along the walls

as I seek distraction

from the silence

thick and heavy it weighs on me

as I draw lines and shapes in the dust

laying thick on the furniture

silence, screaming in my ears

covering my breathing, overpowering my heart beating

tears pool in my eyes, but they do not fall

as trembling hands push back wayward strands of hair

room by room I walk through an empty house

opening and closing doors

pushing aside curtains to look out windows and not see

allowing them to fall soundlessly

as I walk away, footfalls on carpeted floors quiet

Your shirt still draped across the arm of the chair

your shoes rest haphazard in the corner

your things are scattered through this house

but you are not here

and the silence screams loudly

and the tears do not fall

as I walk through this house

seeking distraction

drawing hearts in the dust on the windows

while I rest my face upon the chilled glass

looking out into the night

bearing the burden of time alone

wearing the cloak of the faithful

while I endure, the silence so heavy

as I wait, for the time of your return

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