Tuesday, January 25, 2011

with a word

help me Lord

when all around me seems to be in shambles

falling apart, piece by piece

confusion reigns, emotions run high

help me Lord

keep my focus on You

always on You

believing, that as long as I look to You

all will be well

for You are Lord, You are God

Creator and Healer

You are God of control and order

I will look to You

watching, as You still the storms of this life

calm the seas of confusion

with a word

calm the winds of fear

with a word

stop the rains of loss

with a word

I will look to You

believe in You

feel the love You have for me

falling to my knees before You

feeling the difference Your grace makes

feeling the healing difference Your love makes

the difference of being washed clean

with a word

when confusion surrounds

and all seems to be in shambles

I will turn to You

keep my eyes to You Lord

listening for, and hearing

how You are in control and calm all things

with a word

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