Wednesday, January 5, 2011

When I struggle

There are days Lord, that I struggle

You see me, as I stagger under this load

fighting to remain true

even as I grow weary from the trials

weakness assails me, I stumble

You see me, I know, and I am ashamed

when I fall

when temptation for a moment wins

and a poison tongue runs free

whispering words best left unsaid

out of anger, out of fear, out of emotions of the world

when I should turn to You

cry out to You, for Your strength

gaining the ability to tame a runaway tongue

silence the words that slip out unbidden

temptation to speak harmful words

hurtful words that are not Your words of love and healing

I struggle here as I stagger

You call to me, I hear Your voice within my heart

speaking to me, calling me to You

rest in You, I find, healing of heart

cleansing of spirit, forgiveness

of my transgressions against You

my stumblings, my giving in Lord, how that must hurt You

even as You know our ways and weakness

even as You know, I will stumble and fall

You are here, to lift me up

No one has love as You do,

understanding and compassion immeasurable

I hear Your voice calling to me

as I grow weary, Your open arms a sanctuary of peace

Your love a safe harbor of healing

there are days, when I grow weak, weary

those days, I hear Your voice calling to me

calling me to come to You

and find rest and restoration

calling me, to come to You

Your love fills me and I need nothing more

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