Sunday, January 9, 2011

All IN Lord, with You

All in- Lord all in

how I seek to be all in

with You Lord Jesus

take my heart

fill it Lord with Your love

over flowing

onto all that surround me

draw me Lord

ever nearer

fill me so I may sing

all in all in- I am all in

fully and completely

I seek You

I seek Your ways

following Lord, Your instructions

following Lord,

what I know

You would have me to do

all in Lord, all in

how I seek to be all in

for You

holding nothing back

no part of me

no part of my life

for I seek to be all in

for You

with You

I know Lord Jesus

that there will be struggles

hardships will come

help me Christ Jesus

that they will draw me ever nearer

ever closer to You

draw me Lord

all in, all in with You

help me, strengthen me Lord

fill my heart with Your strength

guide me with Your light

through the storms and hardships

that come

as I seek to be all in

with You

I know Lord, how I know

that I must walk only in You

separate myself

from a world that does not know You

even as I walk among them

I am not with them

I seek to be Lord

only and fully in You

help me Lord, guide me

as I step out in faith

for You, with You

seeking to speak

seeking to show

seeking to share

Your loving mercy

Your loving grace

all in Lord, all in

with You

is where I seek to be

search my soul Lord

show me, any fault

that I may hold

teach me Lord, show me

what I need know

that I may change

show me Lord, everything

that is not fully Yours

teach me, forgive me, love me Lord

draw me closer to You

help me Lord grow ever stronger in You

for I seek Lord, I seek to be

all in Lord, all in with You

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