Saturday, January 29, 2011

along the way

With each step that I take

every heart beat every breath

I know, I will see You

along the way

You are here with me always

within my heart, by my side

You place before me great beauty

in the landscape and the skies

with each step, every blink

I see the gifts You have placed before me

the colors that stretch out underfoot

as a carpet of Your love

I see life created by Your hand

each with purpose

a miracle in itself as everything works as planned

as I walk, with eyes open I see You

along the way

the music of this life plays

filling my ears

a song and joy to the heart

In the winds blowing through the leaves

the river that flows, dancing to the sea

the humming of the bees

all music, Your song

I find along the way

Your peace fills me

Your comfort covers me

in my knowledge of You

With Your very presence in my life

here with me, within me

I know no matter what may come, all is well

even in the beauty, there are storms

for in the storms is where we grow

stronger in faith, closer in relationship

in the storms and battles we turn to You

seeking You and all You are

these things of You I know I will find

I know I will draw close to me

as I go with You

along the way

Thank you Lord
for being with me
along this way

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