Wednesday, January 12, 2011

my heart sings Hallelujah

How my heart sings


You are Lord

Your love washes over me

fills me with joy

I know, how I know

that all things You control

You know

all fears, all needs

You know

the storms that come

You see the darkening clouds

on the near horizon

see the winds as they strengthen

the rains, as they build and fall

My heart sings to You


You are King

You command the rains

still the winds

as You draw us close to You

You are our Sanctuary

My heart sings

for You see the weariness

that comes from the struggles

from the walk of this life

fighting the temptations

that lurk on all sides

You reach out, Your light shines

drawing us to You

Shepherd of Your flock

You guide the way

You are the way


my heart sings

You are Lord

You have paid the price

for our sins

paid the cost

to make us free

Your blood flows over us

cleansing us of transgressions

How my heart sings


Praise You Lord

in all things

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