Sunday, December 19, 2010

This Babe

Crossing a land, harsh

traveling by foot, by donkey

traveling, in response to law

they walk, they ride

crossing a land, two among many

back to the land of birth

back, to be counted they travel

two among many, two to become three

as the one so heavily expecting

a birth to come soon

Crossing a land they find

no room

there is no room for them

turned away time and again they search

as the time draws ever near

she complains not as he seeks a place

for them to rest

there is no room, no room for them

but one offer comes


after crossing a land, harsh

a stable warm, animals moved aside

a babe is born

a soft, tender cry heard

in the night skies above

angels sing, shouting Hosanna


born is the King

filling the sky the heavenly host

calm the startled shepherds

proclaiming His birth

go to see, go they said, to see

the King

born on this night

resting in a manger

sleeping, wrapped in swaddling

protected and loved

in the midst of a harsh land

as the angels sang

the shepherds hurried away

to see

this King

a babe that lay sleeping


as the angels sang


Mary and Joseph

watched it all

by the light of the heavenly star

holding these in their heart

as the angels sang

and the wise men came

bearing gifts

to a child born

on this Jerusalem night

in the midst of a harsh land

a babe sleeps

a King, born of lowly birth

come to save


Christ Jesus, Son of God

King of Kings

Son of Man, has come

as the angels sang

Hallelujah, Hosanna


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