Thursday, December 16, 2010

Lift me

Lift me up Lord

from the place where I have fallen

lift me, into Your presence

closer to You

let me walk closer to You

for I know I stumble

I know that I fall

the weakness of this flesh

leaves me saying things I should not

doing things, best left undid

lift me Lord

from this place where I have fallen

restore me to Your grace

Your love, never ending

covers me

even as I wander down wrong paths

You stand, waiting

for me to see what I have done

waiting for me, to call out

repentant, contrite

lift me Lord

from this place where I have fallen

lift me back

into Your light

fill me with Your mercy

cover me always with Your grace

as I walk

teach me, what I need learn

give to me, the words

that I need to say

place in my heart

the love that is Yours

that I may share, as You would have me share

lift me Lord

from where I have fallen

put my feet back on the right path

the path that You have set before me

that I may continue to accomplish

the works that You would have me

do for Your Kingdom

lift me Lord

draw me ever closer to You

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