Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Your love that never ends

It never ends

Your love

flowing the well of Your heart

overflowing onto us

those You created

special to You

meant to walk with You

commune with You

but separated from You

by a nature of sin


Your love

never ends

You walked with man from the beginning

You have lead us along many paths

with us, guiding us, instructing

even as man turned Your words to what they are not

You continued to love

so much, Your love is so much

that You sent Your son, Your only son

to us

a gift to us, of mercy, of forgiveness

because of Your love


that never ends

You watched as He walked

taught, healed, forgave

You watched as man, Your creation

turned on Your son, Your only Son

beating, abusing, murdering Him

by hanging Him on that tree

even as You knew, this must be

out of love

sin's price had to be paid

You turned away, at the moment

He took it all upon Himself

as His blood flowed out from Himself

onto those who come

in understanding, in realization

out of love

Your love

that never ends

we come


we come


we come

in repentance

turning away from earthly ways

turning to You

turning to Your love

that never

never, ends

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