Sunday, December 12, 2010

from outside

Why did I not think of this?

understanding once hidden

given freely today


You came to us a babe

leaving Your heavenly throne on high

to walk, in humble humiliation

knowing, as You came, how it would be

from outside this earth You came

from streets of gold

to don sandals to walk along streets of dust

You came to save, even as You were rejected

an outsider, not what was expected

You came, born in a stable

was it much more, than a cave in a hillside

born outside the inn, for there was no room

You knew, as You came

outside, no room, different

placed in a manger, wrapped in swaddling cloths

child of God, come down

leaving Heaven's glory, for a stable

come to save man from their sins

an outsider unaccepted by your own

even as the angels sang

as the shepherds came

amazed and in awe, were those that knew

they had seen someone special

even as the pagans from other lands came

kings grew fearful

of an outsider, born in humiliation

resting under heaven's star

You came to us, humble, in obedience to the Father

outside of Heaven's gates

You walked among those much loved

teaching, healing, loving

yet with no where to rest Your head

for You knew, this was not home

this was but a temporary, yet necessary thing

You had come to do

humble to the Father's command

humiliation in the eyes of those that did not

would not, could not understand

what an outsider, could offer

even as they feared

Your words, Your actions

the love that shone from Your very presence

You came to us, from outside this earth

born outside the inn, for there was no room

and those who did not understand

could not accept

forced You outside the city walls, to die

tortured and beaten, Your blood flowing

from wounds suffered at the hands

of the ones, who would not understand

the cause for Your walk in humility

hung on a cross You suffered alone

as the Father looked away

and You were outside

for a moment

from Him

On a quiet night, in Bethlehem

You came

and the angels sang

as You, King of Kings, lay sleeping

a child of humble birth


born to save

born to open doors

born to be the door

to the Father

To walk with You, to follow You

makes one different

set apart, outside

the ways of this world

to follow You

one must understand

and accept that humble


such as You, Yourself did

as You came

as You lived

as You died on the cross

to rise again

beating death

beating sin

accomplishing, what You came to do

in love

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