Saturday, December 4, 2010

You are my strength

You know Lord, the pain

that flows in my wounded heart

You know

and I know, You understand

the tears that fall, unabated

down reddened cheeks

the sobs held within

silent the pain

but You know, and You understand

when I come to You, yet again

pleading for strength to endure

I feel You move within my heart

Your strength is what I need

to walk through this rain of sorrow

I know, that the evil one knows our weakness

knows where to strike

in the hope of drawing us from You

weakening the bonds of our relationship with You

understanding that Lord, I seek You

making You the foundation of my strength

the rock on which I stand

as I kneel here before You Lord

lifting arms of supplication and pleading

fill me, I ask, with Your strength

for Your strength is more

Your strength is greater

than any storm

light my way to Your peace

lighten this burden to a level less intense

I carry my cross Lord for You

every where that I travel

this storm that is the thorn in my side

I bear as I can

even as I ask, give me strength

to bear it better, to endure without comment

so that others will not wonder

of my faith, for it is strong in You

I know, that You know my storms

I know, that You understand my pain

the tears that fall from the wounded heart

I hand it all to You Lord

pass it on to You

for no storm can match Your power

no storm can withstand Your strength

You are an awesome God

Almighty and powerful

I hand the storms to You Lord God

asking only, for Your strength

and Your wisdom

for the peace that comes from You

for the next storm that comes

for I know it will come

it is my weakness

You are my strength

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