Sunday, May 13, 2012

Desperation for You Lord

I know, that You hear me Lord, calling out to You

in the midst of the storm, desperate for You

as the winds of the storms tear at my life

the rains of suffering pour down

beating this fragile spirit

hear me Lord, calling out to You

the pleas falling from my lips

calling out, desperate for You

knowing, fully knowing, that it is You alone

that can answer the call, answer my cries

calming the fears that cause my heart to tremble

drawing me to You, holding me safely within Your hands

sheltering me, from the winds, protecting me from the rains

drying the tears that have fallen

as I cried out in my pain, lost within the storm

desperate for You

I know, that You have seen my suffering

You have been near to me, as the trials and tribulations came

You have been close, as the darkness fell over my life

waiting on me, waiting for me, to reach this point

where my will is broken, and I turn fully to You

desperate and willing

for You to reach out, draw me close

answer the prayers spoken quietly within

You heard the words whispered into the night

from a head bowed and knees bent

You heard the words of my heart, that could not cross these lips

as I knelt here before You, desperate for You

You know all things, You see the suffering, feel the pain of those that are Yours

we are not left alone, never alone

yet You wait, for us to see and understand

You wait, for self will to give way

and for this broken one to come to You

desperate for You

and the answers, given in love

healing and protection, sanctuary within Your sheltering arms

You wait, holding in outstretched hands, forgiveness offered freely

Your cleansing love, healing love

waiting for us to reach this moment

desperate, for You

I know, with all that I am, You are here, You know, You hear

the storms and suffering, You hear my prayers

calling out to You

desperate, for You.

and I know, in hearing, You will answer.

My prayer Lord, is that one day, I will hear

the words from You, "Your faith is strong"

such, is my desperation for You Lord, such, is my

desperation...for You.

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