Friday, July 8, 2016

Death comes, not only for Dallas, unless we awaken and change..

What a thing to find out upon waking. How do I say good morning after finding out about what happened? Death has struck again, this time in Dallas.
So much is good for me and my family, we all have jobs, family, and friends. We have what we need and some of what we want. We are basically healthy. But our country, what is happening to our country?
It is very difficult to hold back the tears as I look around me, as I read the news reports, as I see us falling apart- no- being pulled apart at the seems.
Why is it that with every passing day we see something worse happening? Where did we leave common sense and sanity? When did we become a nation of so many who blindly follow, who blindly believe and who blindly allow others to convince them to seek out and destroy?
Where, is this madness coming from?
There is good and there is bad among us all. Once upon a time the 'good cop, bad cop" thing was a joke. No longer. Yes, there are bad officers, yes there are those who take advantage of the badge and gun they carry and they should be removed from the force, legally. It is the responsibility of the police department to make sure that their own officers are behaving in the correct and proper manner. When they find that the officers are acting detrimentally, they should be removed, period.
There are officers who are basically good, but due to so much of what is going on in this country may panic and in the thoughts of protecting themselves, shoot. Don't do anything that would create that panic. Do not do anything that would give them any thoughts of justification for physical violence. Respect the uniform, do not fight with or spit upon an officer.
As a people, we have a responsibility to stop and prevent this from happening. What is the best way? To be law abiding citizens. Is that so difficult anymore?
If you are not speeding or driving in a manner that is dangerous to others, as in intoxicated, texting or radically, there should be no reason to stop you. (Not including the roadside checks that happen from time to time.) If you do get stopped, don't immediately assume an attitude. Bad attitudes are an open door to what may come.
Act like a responsible adult in public.Is that really so difficult?
Don't steal, don't break into cars, don't break into homes, don't rob banks, bars, convenience stores don't- don't don't, steal.
Don't kill...anyone.
The list can and does go on and on, we are human, not animals. We should act in a humane, responsible and intelligent manner.
Respect, the uniforms. They put a lot on the line when they put on that uniform. They want to go home to their families just as you do.
I believe that somewhere along the lines we lost a lot of what has made this country great. We turned away from what was important and precious and adopted a way that is wrong. We have allowed others to slowly and methodically take it from us without fully being aware. We have neglected to teach the youth what makes this country and the people great. Now we are reaping the fruits of that negligence. We taught and believed the sayings, if it feels good do it. No one is more important that us and our wants. We have taught the younger to be selfish and arrogant and ignorant. (Yes, that is an in general statement, yes, I realize that there are some who have taught the younger generation but they are out numbered by far.)
What do we do now? How do we stop the insanity that is spreading faster than an attack of locusts or an infectious disease? How, do we stop the killings, the riots, the fear that is rapidly an rabidly spreading? How do we stop the very fabric of this country from being fully torn apart? When, do we learn that our wants singular, are all connected to this country and its people- plural? What one individual does, effects us all. How do we get the masses who follow so blindly to finally open their eyes and see what is going on and that it isn't a racial, religious, sexual matter but a human one, and one we must heal and heal quickly. Before death comes not only for Dallas but for this country.

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