Saturday, November 7, 2009

On Friday Oct. 30Th I decided to begin raking the leaves in my yard. We only have eleven big oaks in the yard and many more surrounding it. With my son Jame's help we managed to get a little over half of the yard cleaned. By Friday evening I was sick. Medicine and early bed time didn't help a lot. By Saturday evening I was only slightly better. I spent the next week doing the best I could to doctor myself and work my way through what I thought to be a serious allergy attack. By Thursday I was unable to breath and having serious chest pains. I was able to work for a couple of hours before I gave up. I was able to get in to see the doctor and was told that it was nothing serious, nothing contagious but I would suffer from it for a while. I was also given several medications to attempt to help me as I made my way through this creeping crud. This worried me as I have done some almost nonstop coughing and I had a table at the local Lions Club Bazaar to attempt to sell my books.
Today was that day. I woke feeling very weak, very tired, and very sick to my stomach. I got up early, scrambled an egg and attempted to get something on my stomach. Determined that I was not going to let this illness stop me-- and since my dad had wanted me to do this bad enough to pay for it- I woke my son to help me load the car and we went to the school where the bazaar was being held.
My table was immediately inside the door. It didn't take us very long to have everything inside and set up. James stayed long enough to make sure I was set and then he left and returned home and as I found out later, back to bed. After I was set up I was able to talk to the lady set up next to me. Her and her husband are friends of my dad and I can see why, they were an incredibly nice couple of people.
As the day wore on I was able to talk with several of the other vendors. There were bakers, painters and weavers. They were wives, sisters, brothers and husbands. They were an incredibly talented and friendly group. Each offered advice on how they created, how they promoted and how they networked.
I had a great day, I made friends, I sold a few books. There is the chance that someone who knows someone can help me with The Legend of Dragon's Doom: a young warrior's vow and getting it more -out there- This person was very upset when I self published it, even when I explained that I felt that too much of it had been posted openly on a blog. So today I gave her a copy to do what she felt she could do with it to see if that would get it more mainstream. I have no idea how long it will take, I hope not too long as my husband is growing impatient with all the boxes of books sitting here unsold..
I've really done pretty well with the poetry book- Blessed. I'm glad actually- even as I want The Legend to do well- Blessed- is a large part of me and my heart. I love doing a google search and seeing where all it is turning up. I still plan on finding something I can use to mark places on a world map.
There are some speed bumps that are showing up along the way in this journey, but they too are just another lesson that I need to learn. I feel that anything learned too easily may not fully be learned and is too easily forgotten. Something that you have to work for, stays with you much longer.
And my books- are well worth taking the time and struggles to learn the lessons to promote them, sell them, and even maybe, possibly, could be..a little main stream chance in their future-never-- ever-- say never.

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