Sunday, November 1, 2009

wonder of it all

There is an old saying that you can never go home is incorrect. You may go home changed, wounded, matured, but you can go home again. It is up to you how you handle life and what you find there.

I moved away from here once. Stayed away for nearly two years. Then wounded and weary I returned. It took a while, but healing - true healing- is a slow process. Now I can walk this place and see it for what it is- my blessing.

When some people think of dirt roads there is a negative connotations with it. Part of that I can understand, especially when you are trying to drive through red mud after a summer storm rain storm or winter snow. Otherwise I find dirt roads to be peaceful and for the most part quiet. Especially mine. Narrow and coming to a dead end in the woods there is not much traffic compared to main roads. I can watch squirrel and rabbit dart across the road in front of me without fear. I have walked up on many deer and the occasional raccoon. I have walked out into the open area along my route and watched Hawk and Turkey Buzzard alike scan the grounds for their next meal. I have carried my camera and captured photos not only of the mammals and birds, but of many spiders, bees and various insects that find their meals among the various wildflowers that bloom along the way.

My wounds have healed. I have faced other storms. As time has passed, this place has proven time and again- you can indeed go home again.

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