Friday, April 1, 2011

go and tell

You instructed us

go and tell

words though important

are not essential

remind us Lord

that there are those

that understand better

as they watch us

our every action

our every deed

shows You

how we handle the things that come along

through our day

how we manage our anger

our joy

do we walk through the day

smiling with that inner joyous heart

allowing Your love to shine through?

do we show You

do we, as we walk, plant that seed

of peace, of hope, of understanding

or do we leave people confused

by actions we do, that are not of You

You told us Lord

go and tell

Your love, shining through us

You, reflected from us

how Lord, do we forget to reach out

to those that are around us?

You, in Your life here, always did

reaching out to those sick, afflicted

possessed, the poor and the widowed

You reached out, seeking to show love

Your love, Your peace

to all

You told us Lord

to go and tell

we must also

show, as we go

live, as You would

act, in compassion

as You would

be that shining light

that You have asked us to be

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