Friday, April 1, 2011

who you gonna call?


You have family, you have friends, caregivers, doctors, nurses, all gathering around you. All offering support. You are still lost. Afraid of what you have just heard, afraid of what may be coming. Afraid, because you have no idea what may be coming.


It may be breast cancer. It may be colon or stomach or throat or lung cancer. You need information. You need to know what to expect. What can you do, what will you have to do, need to know...


Where can you get information? Where can you find help? Who can you talk with?


Where can you find information on programs that will help you look better.. get a wig or scarf or... should chemotherapy cost you your hair? Where can you find ways to apply makeup to help you feel better? Where will you find information?


Dieticians--ride programs to doctors--help with purchasing medicine


It doesn't matter what it is you have questions about. It doesn't matter what you need to know, there are people ready, waiting and prepared to answer your questions. There are people ready to assist in what ever way they are able. There is material they can send to you. There are kits, there are the American Cancer Society- whether via their 800 phone number or online- there is always someone waiting ready to help you.

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