Saturday, July 14, 2012

One if buy 10$ to if buy... insult should be our wake up call

Ralph Lauren responded to the outcry over the USA team's Chinese made Olympic uniforms. Only after members of congress threatened to burn the uniforms, only after American citizens made their feelings on this known. They have promised that the 2014 uniforms will be American -wait- "domestic" made. Can they not even say "American" made? Here are my thoughts on this topic.

Once upon a time, there was great pride in the land over American made products. They were the best made hands down. They still are- the ones that are. And yes, there is still American made products. There could be more. We need to use this latest incident to make us angry, to be the last straw, to make us finally fed up enough to act. And not just by writing blogs, or letters- but to physically put actions behind those words.

We do know how to hit them where it really hurts and that of course is in the bank account. Ralph Lauren feared that this would happen. That the backlash would cause fewer sells and it should.

I am not talking solely about American textiles here. Not simply about the clothing, but about all manufactured products. They are out there, it only takes a little more effort to find them. Once we do, buying American keeps American workers on the job and puts more of us there. You want jobs back? Buy American.

The only way to slow (we will never stop) cheap foreign imports is to stop buying cheap foreign imports. Cheap is not better. Cheap is killing our much loved pets and even worse sickening and putting our beloved children and families at risk. America has strict standards-yes it raises the cost but our families are safer. The chance of the many poisons that are being found regularly in imports being in domestic products are slim to none. If found all of the products are recalled and the producer called to task. I am not blind to the fact that greed is everywhere and can and does bring about those taking the chance of getting away with skirting the rules and laws. It is more difficult to do that here-and it is not the point of this writing.

If we set out to deliberately purchase American made products we will put Americans to work. We will cause companies to hire more workers, start up or start up more fully plants that have been idled. Lights will be back on and machinery humming once again.

Crafted with Pride in the USA could once again be our battle cry. Flying high and proudly on a banner across each American business. We could once again walk with head held high as we clocked in to a job created products that are made to last, made to clothe, to feed, to transport our family and neighbors. Products that will build and fill our homes. American products are still out there.

We can get the attention of the big chain stores that are only out for the profit made. Once you could walk into certain stores and see that made in the USA sign, once. If you want those products there again, shop elsewhere until they get the idea. Smaller, independent shops understand the importance of home grown, home made products and are happy to carry them. Spend your dollars- our greatest weapons in this battle- at home on home produced items. Put yourself, your spouse, your children, your neighbors back to work.

It was once said that the United States had moved from a manufacturing country to a service country. Really? Service to what? Unemployment? Hunger? Standing on the side of the roadways with signs begging for work, food, money?

We need to stand strong and stand together. We NEED to buy American made, "domestic" products. Shop at farmers markets, shop at family owned-independent businesses, shop where you know you will find American made. Check the label in that item. For every ONE American item purchased you put many back to work. It is a domino effect. One more business with work increased hires another worker to manufacture, another worker to do warehouse, another worker is hired to transport, another to stock in the store..One more person put to work puts more money in the economy which helps repair that economy. Which makes more people able to purchase more products or services. More are able to go to concerts, theme parks, restaurants- which means more employees will be needed there. Like that ripple in a pond it spreads. If we get riled up enough to act.

Buy American-return Crafted with Pride in the USA as our rallying cry. We have the power, we have the weaponry-we carry it in the form of our money. Use that weapon wisely and you can and will see a difference. If you sincerely want it.

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