Sunday, July 15, 2012

How great is Your love

How great Father God- is Your love

for us, sinners that we are

how great, is Your love?

How is it Lord, that there are those

who do not see, nor understand

the love that You hold

while the false prophets call out

claiming Your name

in the words from their mouth

in the actions of their hands

shouting profanity in their words of hate

So many are fooled, taken in by the acts

thinking that what is said, is true

how wrong, so wrong

that they do not understand

there is wrong in every station of life

those who take truths and turn them around

twist and mangle peace into battles

love into hate, mercy and grace shredded

by how they are

How great is Your love Father God

for us the sinner

for us, Your creation

how great, how great

How are we, those broken and yet healed

stained and yet cleaned

lost and now saved

how Lord, do we reach out

in Your love

to a world that sees the wrongs readily

and takes it for true

how do we, show You

and how great

Father God how great

is Your love

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