Sunday, September 30, 2012

My Story

For those who have not read my story- and for those wondering why I am so dedicated to Relay for Life.....
There once was a lady who had just celebrated her fiftieth birthday. One half century gone by. As was the custom it was time for that embarrassing - yet important thing called the annual physical. At that physical the doctor told the lady that it was time for a test called a mammogram. Due to various reasons he had not thought it needed until then. She, not wanting to do the test anyway had never argued the point. This time, she did not argue, only nodded in agreement. She nodded again when she was informed they would let her know of the date, the day before Thanksgiving. Shrugging it off as just something to be dealt with and put behind her.

Time came for the test to be done. Entering the building she signed in and took her place in the reception area. When called she filled out the insurance and other needed information and returned to her seat. When she was called back she followed the technician down a long hallway to where the dressing rooms were located. Following the directions she was given she prepared for the test. Removing her shirt and bra she pulled a long fluffy robe on, and waited.

Within moments her name was called. Following the technician to the examining room she looked at a contraption the likes she had never seen before. A slight fear caused a shiver to run down her spine. This was not going to be comfortable and definitely not fun. But she could handle this, soon it would be over with and she could put this behind her and get on with life.

The test itself did not take long. While it was going on she could see the screen and the images flashing across it. Not knowing what it may or may not be showing she commented that it gave the appearance of a lunar landscape. Soon the uncomfortable and slightly painful mashing was finished. Gathering the robe together she was lead back to the dressing room where her clothing had been left. Dressing she was rready to leave when the technician told her that since this was her first mammogram and that there was nothing to compare it to she might get called back in again. Smiling she nodded and the lady went on her merry way. All thoughts of the test put out of her mind.

When the letter arrived saying that there was a potential problem that another test needed to be done she thought nothing of it. Making the call the test was scheduled, for the day after Christmas. So while so many others were taking advantage of the day after sales she had to get this out of the way. Thinking it would be in and out and that the shopping could be done afterward her mother accompanied her. Signing in they both took a seat and waited. When her name was called she handed off her purse to her mother and walked down the hallway. Changing once again into the robe she waited. All was fine until she was told that they only wanted to image one side. The first tinge or worry appeared, shaking it off she walked into the examining room. Taking her place she followed directions given.

When the first images were taken the technician told her to take a seat she was going to show them to the doctor. Returning she lead the lady back into the room. Another set of images were taken with the same instructions. After the third time the lady was told to get dressed and return to the waiting area...the doctor wanted her to have an ultrasound done. All of the way back to the waiting area the technician leading the way was babbling on about something, nothing and anything. The babbling made her more nervous than anything else.

When her name was called again, she once again followed the person calling her. down a different hallway to another room she again followed instructions to get partially undressed and don a paper vest. The room was cold and the vest had no warmth. The lady's nerves were beginning to fray.

Finally the technician entered the room and began the test. Time and again she returned to one location. The lady was able once again to see the screen but not being trained had no idea what she was seeing. Finally the technician told her that she could get dressed and she would be informed about the results. Getting dressed she returned to the reception area and gathering her purse from her mother left the office. They tried to go shopping- but neither were in the mood.

An adventure- a battle-an experience had been set into motion- and they both knew it, though neither spoke the words out loud.

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