Thursday, October 10, 2013

East Gaston/ Belmont Relay for Life wants to say hello

Date: Tomorrow Night
Friday, October 11, 2014.
Time: 7:00pm (set up for Relay) Game is 7:30pm
place: East Gaston High School
 Mount Holly, NC

Home Game Gate

Event: (Besides the ball game)  The members of East Gaston/ Belmont Relay for Life will have a tent set up. There will be NO fundraising going on. This is an opportunity for members of Relay to greet the community, helping to give them an awareness of our presence. (So members of Relay, come on out and spend time in community fellowship and camaraderie. Join us in welcoming any new members) It is an opportunity for anyone who is interested in finding out more to pick up some information as there will be things available. Sign up sheets, invitation to kick-off on Monday, calenders, and more.
 So if you're planning on being at the game stop by and say hello, find out what's up with and how you can be a part of the East Gaston/ Belmont Relay For Life 2014.

 Any current members of The East Gaston/ Belmont Relay for Life who wish to and are available to join us in this event feel free to drop by- all are more than welcome to help out.

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