Sunday, August 16, 2015

Time Stamp Reminders

I have a dear friend, who I have never met. I have not met them in person, face to face, but I have known them through social media for quite a while. She is a survivor, she is a fighter, she is wise, witty and wonderful. Through her friendship I have learned much and adapted something that she does to suit me.
Many times she would post a photo of the time where it was something like 1:11 or 2:22. These photos would have the tag line, "make a wish". That is the part I changed. I went from 'make a wish' to offer a prayer. If at any point in the day, no matter where I may be or what I may be doing, if I happen to look at my watch and see the time is such as the aforementioned, I whisper a quick prayer. Over half of the time,  it is for the safety of my husband or son, but often it is one of thanks.
Thanks for the blessings, thanks for the mercy, grace, love, salvation. Thanks for the gifts, the hope, the peace. Thanks for understanding of things going on around us, and compassion enough to care and the desire to do something about it.
 My thoughts, (and questions) are this, for those who believe, how often do you pray? How close is your relationship that you spend time in prayer? How often do you converse with the Lord? Do you pray only at certain times of day? Do you have an ongoing conversation thought out the day? Are there any certain triggers that cause you to pause in what you are doing and offer a quick prayer? Do you believe that you should close your eyes every time you pray? Or does that matter in the day to day activities? Do you receive feelings of peace from those prayers?
 For me, there is always something special and calming knowing that I can pray at any time. Knowing that I am being heard, knowing that I am not alone even during the worst of my storms brings peace.  For me, often prayer is a conversation, I can go to my Lord with my worries, fears, concerns and problems. I can give the storms to Him and allow Him to be my shelter.
All reminders thanks to a friend and time stamps.

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