Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Variations of Giving

There are many ways of giving. There are the usual, such as birthdays, weddings, graduation, Christmas to name a few. Those ordinarily  are physical, material gifts. Not that there is anything wrong with that. But lets set that aside for the moment and talk about another form of giving. Lets discuss giving in a way that doesn't expect anything in return.

 There is an individual whose home is in need of repairs. Due to circumstances beyond their control they are unable to afford those repairs. Someone steps in and corrects everything that is in need of being repaired.

 There is a family who has fallen on hard times. They have children who will be starting school and are in need of supplies and clothing. Someone steps in and provides for this need. They also throw in a few groceries while they're at it.

 A shelter for battered women needs a helping hand. Donations need to be sorted and stored. Carpentry work is needed to optimize the space. Someone steps in and a need is met.

Residents of a homeless shelter are in need. Someone steps in. Food is provided, articles for hygiene are provided as well as some clothing.

Students are going to school hungry, with holes in their shoes, without a jacket. Students are homeless but still trying. Someone steps in and needs are met.

All of the above are examples of needs that can be met with physical actions of material things. There are other types..

A person is lonely and simply needs the company of a friend.
A person is asking for others to pray for them.
Someone is in danger and needs protection.
Someone is trapped and needs rescue.
A child is having trouble getting to sleep and would like to be read a story.
A country needs protecting or defending.

And then, there is the ultimate gift
  Someone knew, that only one thing could save humanity. One who loved and loves beyond all things. Who willingly died for all. Who forgives and forgets. Who accepts all who come to Him.

Gifts come in many forms. The most precious gifts, are the ones given in and with love.


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