Tuesday, November 22, 2011

draw me near to You Lord

Be with me Lord, I know You are here

draw me near, please draw me near

to Your heart, ease this pain

that threatens to overwhelm this weary heart

wounded by the words of another

wounded, by things out of my control

but not Yours Lord, never Yours

You know all, are in control

so I come to You, with the tears of this pain

trembling on eyelashes, streaking a reddened cheek

be with me Lord, draw me near to You

comfort me with Your presence

fill me Lord, fill me with Your peace

draw me near Lord to You,

allow me, to rest in You, in the sanctuary of Your mercy

You know this pain from which I suffer,

You know without my speaking it aloud

for You know my heart, this suffering heart

that comes to You, wounded and weary

on bended knee, with bowed head

silent prayers whispered within

seeking You, seeking what only You can give

a healing of the heart

a replenishing of hope weakened

a drying of tears shed

on bended knee before You, I seek You

as Your comforting peace wraps around me

Your Spirit within rejoices in Your presence

replacing the pain within with a song

I praise You Lord, sing praises to You

for You are my ever healing peace

worthy, always worthy

of praise

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