Sunday, December 18, 2011

Where this heart suffers no more

Watching the skies grow dim, night comes

my heart is weary, struggling against the battle

I know, I know that I am not alone

I hand my pain to You Lord, You know

my suffering, the agony of my heart

Chilly is the air, as the sun sets

cool is the emotions of this heart

struggling, fighting the good fight

against enemies of the peace

You see my tears, You feel my pain

reaching out to me, drawing me near to You

I feel Your peace enfold me

I rest in Your comforting calm

I trust in You Lord, I trust in You

to take this pain from me

to give me strength to endure

as I watch night approach yet again

waiting for the stars to light the way

I find peace in the solitude, comfort in the quiet

even as the pain is there

a heart, my heart weary and worn

struggling in the wake of the demons

trembling in the dust of the storm

yet I know, yes I know, I am not alone

even as I draw the cloak of Your peace close around me

Your voice drawing me near

I fear not the suffering, worry not over the pain

You are with me, You are most awesome

I sit near to You, as You remain near to me

council me in the ways I should go

council me, in what I should know

wash me in Your merciful grace

as I wait for the day to end, wait, for the night to begin

waiting, for the stillness of the night, the silence of the darkness

the moment, when I can hear You most plainly

speaking to a weary soul, that seeks You

finding the peace, great comforting peace

that comes only from You

within Your grace I rest

and this heart is at peace

within You

within me

waiting, for the days of this life to end

when all is complete, the journey finished

when I can sit by Your feet, listen in quiet wonder

when I can be, where this heart will suffer no more.

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