Tuesday, December 27, 2011

music of the rain

Listening to the rain falling

drumming on what ever rests

in its trajectory path

steadily falling on the roof

running down, to drop

onto what waits below

an old flowerpot upended

leaves left scattered on the ground

the dog's dish, slowly filling

each with individual sound

of the drumming of the rain

falling down

the sky a soft curtain of grey

muting the landscape

a soft down blanket

shedding its tears

refreshing the land

puddles filled, each new drop

the next character in a water ballet

dancing along the top of puddles and ponds

listening to the rain falling

outside my window

cocooned inside, sitting in the bright light

wrapped in the warmth of the fire

resting in the peace

drifting to the sounds, of the music,

of the rain

drumming, strumming



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