Tuesday, January 10, 2012

once upon a time

Where have you gone?

You know, that I loved you

love you still

have we had our once upon a time

that fairy tale life and love

where laughter was abundant

the touches were tender

when you would look into my eyes

and I could see your heart

where have you gone

your body is still here

you walk and move; you breathe

but you are a shell of who you were

once upon a time

life and struggles have changed you

changed us, from the people we were


laughter now is rare, you never smile

where is the tenderness, where is the love

in your eyes is frustration at things that are

in your heart is anger, because of what

has come to be, that you cannot change

these fires could make us stronger

forge us into the steel of a strong love

these storms could make us better

understanding how we must endure the rains

to see the rainbow

where have you gone

will you ever return

will we ever again have what we did

once upon a time?

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